Green Living

I've developed an obsession with indoor plants. I like to bring nature inside to create moments of natural three-dimensional still life and unexpected beauty. Its like artwork made using natural elements.

From entryway, living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathrooms. I love by bringing the outdoors in to your home immediately adds life to any room! Plants bring height, texture and a little bit of Whimsy! Even if it's cold and wet outside especially living here in the Northwest; a few beautiful plants will mean its always summer, somewhere in your home. Its quite rewarding to watch something grow and flourish under the care of our hand in the rooms where you live. And also, plants help purify the air and bring good energy to your home. People ask me where did this obsession for plants begin? Well I've always been a flower child at heart. Flowers are my love language, but green plants is a recent crush. I like to thank my dearest mama for her green thumb. You should see her home! I've lost count of how many plants I own but I know that it will only keep growing.

Style Tip \\ Large branches offer a great splash for not much. They're so cheap even free if you have a backyard, they last a long time, and they have a huge impact in a room. I look for branches that are more sculptural, the more organic and natural shape, the better.

Style Tip \\ Bringing a bit of the natural world indoors, introduces unusual colors and textures that enhance our interiors and balance the hard lines of our furnishings.

Style Tip \\ Remember to choose the right botanical plant to fit with the style of your space and the right location for your plants to flourish