What is Home Staging?

No house is perfect; staging helps to overcome the imperfections. It's beyond decorating and cleaning. It's about setting the right mood. Staging will make your home look bigger, brighter, cleaner, cozier, warmer, more loving and inviting. It's about dressing the house for sale. It's about presenting a lifestyle to prospective buyers. 

Vacant homes can look sterile and “cold”; many buyers can’t figure out where the furniture will go, how to deal with awkward angles or shapes, or what to do with rooms that are “too large” as well as “too small.” Staging works to resolve furniture placement issues to highlight the best features of a room and downplay the problems. Staging also resolves any questions about how a room should be used.

By staging you are giving your buyers the vision and the emotional connection needed to motivate them to buy. Buyers can envision living in the space, it gives them ideas how to decorate. It builds an attachment between the home and the buyer. 

What is your favorite thing about Staging?

When the buyer is asking about buying the furniture, thats a compliment I created a love at first sight instant connection. I love staging book shelves. It's about adding the small unique details such as; the vintage tea cup and a pair of glasses gently placed on an open book.  Or pearls on a plate on the vanity. Or robe and slippers near the claw foot tub. I want it to feel more cozy like someone actually lives here not just a set. I love leaving your mood in a happier place.

How do you go about staging a house for sale?

I imagine each space a blank canvas to create art. I begin by finding the focal point in the room, such as a fireplace mantel, or where the windows are positioned, light is so important on how to stage the space. Step two, I bring in larger furniture pieces by creating a cohesive functional space. Thirdly, I accessorize appropriately using unique eclectic items.

How long does it take you to Stage a vacant home?

The initial consultation will take between 30minutes-1 hour. The actual staging can take 1-3 days.