My Story.

Hi I'm Olga! Thank you for stopping by here.

Let’s face it: most of us ARE eclectic. We like a little of this and a little of that. We may have items we’ve collected over the years representing different aspects of our personality. This is how I've built my personal home. By gathering various styles, my intention is to create a cohesive look through color, texture and shape in my work and my goal is to bring this kind of stamp into your home. Outside of staging, I'm a full time mom to three children, a wife to a wonderful husband, and a friend to many! In my spare time you can find me fiddling for thrifts and antiques, potting plants, gardening, and drinking tea next to a great novel.

Ever since I was a little girl I always moved furniture around in my room from one corner to another. I've collected numerous books and ripped out magazine of inspiring homes! Over the years I've developed a passion for collaborating eclectic pieces and decorating my home. I love interior design any shape & form of it. Eclectic interior design is the ultimate ‘mish-mash’ of styles.

A good definition of an Eclectic home is a careful gathering of unique elements that all work together. Its also absolutely the best opportunity to make your very own, personal, unique stamp to your home. From my home to yours, I want to create a uniquely styled home for you.

Let's work together. Email me here.